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Flame Humidifier

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Color – White - Flame color

The Flame Humidifier is perfect for creating a peaceful and soothing atmosphere in your home or office. Equipped with intelligent LED lights to create a realistic flame effect, this diffuser provides both light and mist to fill the air with calm. Enjoy uninterrupted peace and quiet, thanks to its ultra-silent operation mood and auto shut off feature that will turn the humidifier off once lack of water has been detected. The Flare Fire Humidifier Aromatherapy Diffuser is an ideal choice for improving air quality at home or office as well as making thoughtful gifts for someone you love. 



Color: Black, White

Light: Regular fire color, or RGB lights.

Quiet operation that automatically shuts off when water levels are low.

What's Included?

1 x Humidifier

1 x USB Cord

1 x Manual

    Flame Humidifier
    Flame Humidifier
    Flame Humidifier
    Flame Humidifier
    Flame Humidifier


    Valuable products, high quality, cooperation and very excellent dealings. I advise everyone to buy with them. They have cooperation and assistance for everyone. They deserve all the stars and thanks.

    Alexi J.

    Very fast shipping, and you can see the seller's commitment, very satisfied as it is really beautiful!! Fully recommended❤️

    Cynthia L.

    It is beautiful, the colors are very cute and the effect of the flame is perfect, when adding aromatic oil, the aroma remains in the environment very quickly!!

    Missy P.

    Beautiful and at a super price! I was surprised how it arrived protected, well packaged, and faster than expected.

    Matt P.

    Super cool device. Works as expected. I put a few drops of essential oils and my room smelled amazing quickly!

    Lexi J.